Steve Corona coaches clients from around the world in all dialects.

- Click on the interview with Australian actor Joel Smallbone to hear how Steve helped him on his recent film "Priceless".


Steve approaches each dialect coaching session as the needs demand. Whether you excel in learning by hearing, seeing, or doing (or a combination) - Steve finds what works for each individual and designs a customized learning plan for you. Through vocal work, script transcriptions, recordings, and other resources, Steve helps you hit your target dialect(s) by giving you the tools and encouragement necessary to accomplish genuine results.


"Steve is a brilliant dialect coach!" -- Helen Mirren, Actress (Love Ranch, The Queen, The Hundred-Foot Journey)

"Thanks for all your help (as my dialect coach). You're awesome at this!" -- Gerard Butler, Actor (Gamer, 300, P.S. I Love You, RockNRolla)

"I felt such comfort under his care, as an actor." -- Joel Smallbone, Actor (Like a Country Song)

"You were a wonderful help on this film. I'd be glad to recommend your services to anyone needing a good dialect coach for their film production." -- Taylor Hackford, Director / Former President of The DGA

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